All base bags come with a pair of basic black handles and four silver 1″ carabiners. While these handles are designed to look great with the majority of our styles, you may want to purchase additional fashion handles (sold separately) to match your shells or create your on unique look. Below are descriptions of a few of the types of handles and hardware sets available.

Interchangeable Handle Chain Sets
You can choose handle chains to match the hardware of your Shell and then add any of our fashionable straps or choose one of our long handles to complete your unique designer handbag look. Interchangeable Handle Chain Sets are 6-3/4″ long and 3/4″ wide and come in silver, gold and antique brass.

Interchangeable Handle Straps
The short Interchangeable Handle Straps are intended to be used with the Interchangeable Chain Sets. Most of the short straps are 13″ long and come in sets of two (2) straps. These can be used with large or small Carabiners or with Interchangeable Chain Sets. When added to chain sets, the finished length will be 19-3/4″ long. You can add more carabiner rings (sold separately) to make the handles longer or create your own style.

Original Chain Handles
Before the Interchangeable Chain Sets were introduced, the only way to get the chained look was to buy chain handles with the strap and chains connected as one piece (2 pieces in a set/pair). These cannot be separated or interchanged and only come in silver (hardware). The strap color choices are Black, Brown or Cream and are an exact color match to the Black, Brown and Cream Classic Base Bags.

Interchangeable Long Handles
Long handles can be used without the handle chains, just attach to your base bag with 1.5″ carabiners that match your Shell’s hardware. Carabiners are sold separately – we suggest always using 1.5″ Carabiners to attach the handles to your Demi or Prima base bag as the the 1″ are too hard to quickly change your handles. (See Carabiner rings below.)

Quick Clip Shoulder Strap Handles
There are two styles of Quick Clip Shoulder Straps: with and without hardware. For the Quick Clip Straps without hardware, the swivel clip(s) can be purchased separately if wanted, but they can also be used with 1.5″ carabiners. Using the carabiners will not produce the swivel effect.

Carabiner Rings
Carabiner rings are all detachable and interchangeable and come 2 sizes and 3 colors: 1″ and 1.5″ in either silver, gold or antique brass. Use carabiner rings to change your handle length or carry your bag with one handle. If you want to carry your Demi or Prima single handle or bag hobo style, use the 1.5″ rings in the end grommets of your base and shell. The 1″ carabiners are too hard to remove from the end grommets on Demi and Prima bags.

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